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Nov 30 2017

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    The Nova Southeastern University Public Safety Associate Director of Physical Security is Jimmy R. Ricci. Mr. Ricci exercises overall responsibility, authority, and direction of operations and management of the physical security needs for all NSU properties.

    The Locksmith Operations is responsible for administering, planning, and organizing the physical security systems of all NSU properties. This departmental activity includes developing physical security needs analysis for existing NSU facilities, retrofits, and new NSU facilities construction projects; conducting and directing the installation of integrated electrical, digital, and mechanical hardware systems; and resource allocation of in-house services and vendors associated with physical security systems. The Locksmith Operations responds to emergency and non-emergency communications from NSU departments and stakeholders, serving as an activator for resource allocation of in-house services and vendors associated with physical security systems.

    Locksmith Operations services provided to the NSU community include installation, maintaining, and representation of the following:

    • High Security Locking Hardware
    • Electronic, Digital, Mechanical Exit Devices
    • Electronic, Digital, Mechanical Access Control
    • Administration of Master Key Systems
    • Key Control Issuance Systems
    • Professional Security Management Associations
    • Intrusion Detection Protection Alarm Devices
    • Architectural Hardware Design Standards
    • Safes, Vaults, Cash Protection Devices
    • Physical Security Risk Assessment Analysis
    • Security Doors Controllers
    • Command Operated Door Hardware Integration
    • Card Reader CCTV Systems Convergence
    • Security Surveys Standards Consulting
    • Motor Electric Fleet Vehicles Key Control

    Locksmith Operations Request Forms, Standards, and Policies:

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