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Nov 30 2017

5 Best Online Cloud Storage Providers for Businesses #best #cloud #storage #service #for #business


5 Best Online Cloud Storage Providers for Businesses

  • Cloud based storage is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional onsite servers. Off-premise server storage provides the security of storing data online, minimizes data loss due to equipment failure and natural disasters, and lowers IT staffing costs.

    Choosing the right server provider requires mapping your business needs and evaluating the technical and service capacity of different vendors. Here are five secure options for off-premise storage for your business.

    1. EarthLink

    EarthLink VMWare Cloud Hosting is a good choice for cutting IT costs while maintaining a high level of data security. Transitioning over to their off-premise storage can save your business up to 70% on traditional server costs.

    Their industry standard security measures include redundant back-ups of all business data. EarthLink s small business rates are affordable, while offering significant storage capabilities. If security and cost savings are your top priorities for choosing a Cloud based server company, EarthLink may be your best bet.

    2. savvisdirect

    savvisdirect stands out for the high level of technical and customer support they offer clients, especially during the data transfer phase. Extensive support minimizes your server and application downtime during data transitions. savvisdirect offers cloud-based storage for businesses of all sizes.

    Customized packages are available for businesses with unique storage requirements and savvisdirect offers world-class data encryption and security measures.

    3. Microsoft

    Microsoft s Azure exemplifies their commitment to Cloud based storage. Azure offers a number of helpful features for businesses seeking a flexible, secure, and easily accessible storage system. One of the most enticing benefits of Azure is that it takes your existing infrastructure into account.

    If you ve spent the time creating custom applications for your company, you can easily move them into the Cloud without making significant changes. Azure is a highly flexible solution backed by the security of one of the biggest names in the business.

    4. Rackspace

    Rackspace is one of the most popular Cloud storage systems on the market. It securely backs up data in a highly reliable system that supports some of the biggest brands in business. One feature worth noting is the organized, easy-to-navigate control panel. It allows you to track your data usage, review your account details, and contact support directly anytime. The ease of use, flexibility, and security make Rackspace one of the top vendors in the server provider space.

    5. Google

    The Google network is a powerhouse, which makes their Cloud service one of the fastest out there. The high-speed service also has implications on the cost of data storage for your business. Many Cloud based providers have a cost structure that s based on bandwidth usage, so the speed of the Google Cloud helps cut costs for your business.

    If uploading and accessing your data at lightning speed is a priority, then the Google Cloud may be the right storage solution for your company. Google Cloud is a particularly good choice for companies that are using other Google products.

    Transitioning to Cloud based storage is a smart move for your business. It helps to cut costs of server maintenance over the long term and frees up bandwidth in your IT department.

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