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Jul 31 2017

AI Software For Marketing and Sales, Sales Enablement Tool #sales #enablement


Artificial Intelligence will
help find your next customer

  1. Conversica intelligently engages lead
    Your automated sales assistant sends the first email
    to start the dialogue.

Initial Lead Engagement

  1. Your assistant tailors her requests to get a response
    Whether it takes one email, five, or a dozen,
    she never gives up trying to engage your leads.

Lead Engagement Attempt 2

  1. Your assistant interprets lead responses
    Leveraging the Conversica AI engine, she reads and
    interprets each response, then takes appropriate
    action to continue the dialogue.

First Lead Response

  1. Your assistant asks questions to
    qualify the lead

    She drives the conversation to the desired outcome,
    in this case, a phone call with a sales rep.

The virtual sales assistant follows up with the lead to get more information, such as a phone number

  1. Your assistant alerts the sales rep
    She immediately forwards the hot lead to the sales
    rep, with the correct phone number and time to call.

Alert to Sales Rep

  1. Your assistant follows up with the lead
    Did the sales rep contact the lead? Did the lead get
    all the information requested? Conversica finds out.

Getting Feedback on Rep Follow-Up

In celebration and support of National Administrative Professional Week (April 24-28th), we challenged our current customers all to come up with a creative video to express how your AI Assistant is the BEST assistant. and we were delighted with all the submitted entries! Some customers chose to focus on really impressive stats while others enlisted a man’s best friend play the leading role.

Personalization — a big reason why many of your hard-earned leads don’t convert! This week, we’ll go over the benefits of Personalization, how to go about it, and what you should think about when you’re considering tech solutions to automate your practice.

Did you know that one-third of the 538 companies that we secret-shopped did not follow up on our lead inquiry, and out of those who did, two-thirds gave up after one to two tries? Persistence (or a lack of it), is a big reason why your leads don’t convert.

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