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Sep 7 2018

Countryside Nurseries – Treetops Nursery, treetops hospice.#Treetops #hospice

Treetops Nursery Treetops hospice

Treetops is located in central Henley close to the river and train station, o ur central location means that we can walk the children to the town centre, river, park, local church, library and supermarket. It has been equipped specifically as an extended day care nursery. Within each room we cater for sleep, quiet, noisy, messy and learning activities and a major feature is an exciting multi-level soft play area.

W e have a unique garden which enables us to be able to go out in all weathers; because half of the garden has a roof, the children have the opportunity to get fresh air all year round. the other half has a colourful rubber surface and has been enhanced with water play, mud kitchen and teepees. The children particularly enjoy playing in the huge outdoor sandpit.

Our baby room can accommodate up to 17 babies. This room is split into three: there is a sleep room, messy play area and a play area with a ball pool and book corner. The toddler room is for 18 toddlers and also has three areas: there is a physical play area with a gym and slide, messy area and an area where the toddlers can dress up and pretend play in the home corner, as well as sit and look at books.

The toddler 2 room can have up to 10 toddlers. This room is open plan and everything is at the children’s level. In here there is a home corner where the children can dress up, a book corner where the children can sit and look at books and have stories read to them, a messy area and a construction area.

Pre-School can accommodate 30 children. This is a large room with different sections: there is a book corner, home corner, big messy area, construction, mark making area, dining area and a multi level soft play gym, which enables the children to increase their physical development come rain or shine. We also have another room in here with a computer and digital cameras. We also have a jungle gym soft play area, on which children from 2½ years upwards can play every day (in pre-school the children free flow from area to area).

In our rooms the children all sit down and have their meals together; we feel this is a great time for the children to be interacting with their peers and key carers, who sit at the children’s level so that they can give guidance and assistance when needed.

All children have the opportunity to play and explore with a large range of messy play, such as gloop, crazy soap, ice, jelly, sand, water, custard and many more.

We have a wide range of resources that all the children can use to encourage learning through play and help the children gain new experiences on a daily basis, this helps the key carers to plan for each individuals’ need.

We also believe in nurturing a smooth transition from home to nursery so, before children join Treetops, we offer a home visit, which lets the children see their key worker in their own environment; this helps the children when they come into the nursery, to see a familiar face. We believe we are the first local nursery group to offer this.

Opening Hours

We are open 7.45am until 6.00pm Monday to Friday and close for Bank Holidays and for one week at Christmas.

Parents can choose full or half day sessions according to what best suits your needs (subject to availability). Half days are at the Manager’s discretion.

Morning session 7.45am – 12.30pm Afternoon 1.30pm – 6.00pm Full Day 7.45am – 6.00pm

Feedback from Parents

“The staff in the room are very caring and take a genuine interest in the children. They manage to create a stimulating and varied environment for the children and themselves. They are also very supportive of the parents, for example we recently started potty training and her key carers seamlessly took over at nursery encouraging her and us through it.”

“XX started nursery in the baby room when he was only 3 months old and like any mother I had very mixed emotions – relieved to have a little time for me but also very nervous about leaving my most precious boy. It has proved to be the best decision I have ever made. He was gently introduced to the baby room over a number of weeks and allocated his key carer (which was probably more necessary for me than for him).

Thank you all for looking after my little boy SO well and providing him with a loving nurturing environment. I would thoroughly recommend your nursery to any parent without hesitation”.


Treetops hospice

Helen Douglas House has the time and expertise to care for children and young adults with life-shortening conditions and support their families. The two hospice houses offer specialist symptom and pain management, medically-supported short breaks and end-of-life care, as well as counselling and practical support for the whole family.

Helen Douglas House aim is to help every young person – aged from birth to 35 – who visits us from Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, live life to the full. even when that life is short. It costs over £4.5 million a year to run the two hospice houses.

Treetops Nursery Gallery

Treetops hospiceClick below to find more photos of our nursery.

Treetops hospice

Contact Information

Treetops hospiceTREETOPS NURSERY

5 Centenary Park

Henley on Thames

Treetops hospice

Our Rooms

Our rooms are generally split into pre-school, toddler and baby.

Treetops hospice


Treetops hospiceAt Countryside Nurseries we have long recognised the importance of providing a healthy and balanced diet in the early stages of a child development.

Treetops hospice

Treetops hospice

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