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Aug 31 2018

Lincoln City Hotel Discounts – Cheap Hotels – Motels Deals, motels in lincoln city oregon.#Motels #in #lincoln #city #oregon

Lincoln City Hotel DiscountsLincoln City Hotel Discounts

Do you like the beach, or the mountains, the ocean or lakes? How about forests? Find it all in one place, Lincoln City. Perched on the coast in Central Oregon, Lincoln City is on the edge of Devils Lake State Recreation Area. People are accepting here, of life, philosophies and alternative life styles. It is an eclectic mix in a city named in the top 25 cities to retire. There are many top-rated hotels with discounted room rates near the beach and the forested mountain lakes. Lincoln City, though established in the 1880’s had no official name until 1965 when several small communities came together as one city. The name was suggested by a school aged child. The world’s shortest river is here, the D River.

Like Scavenger Hunts? Come when artesian drop glass floats on the beach, or learn to make your own. The tradition began when the glass bobbers Japanese fishermen used on their nets began to wash ashore. Join in the latest hunt fad, geocaching. The arts and craft shops have classes so you can learn to create something you never thought you could. With the cheap motel prices in Lincoln City, it won’t cost you’re your life savings to stay a while, especially with the no sales tax for shopping sprees.

Beachcombers enjoy crabbing and clamming, searching the tide pools for starfish and shells, surfing and whale watching. Watch along nature trails for bald eagles, herons, murres and puffins, bears, and elk. Hike along trails with breathtaking beauty like forested waterfalls. A short drive from quality, reasonably priced hotels, see the magical sanctuary called Connie Hansen’s Garden. Admission is free, but the experience is rich. Golf on well planned courses and feel the ocean breeze on your face.

If it starts raining, dash inside and shop. Lincoln City is known for its fabulous antique stores and culinary center. Or, head to the Putt and Bat for indoor family fun. The North Lincoln County Historical Museum is free to tour. Then there is gaming fun. Find hotel rooms near the Chinook Winds Casino which offering discounted room rates.

Lincoln City is two hours away from Portland discount hotels and four and a half down the coast from Tacoma hotel discounts.

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