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Sep 18 2018

Siddons Solarstream, Siddons Bolt-on Water Heater Pump-$600 Saving per Annum, heat pumps how they work.#Heat #pumps #how #they #work

heat pumps how they work

A heat pump uses scientific principles to provide low power space heating, cooling (in reverse cycle) and hot water. If you have solar power and an energy efficient 6 star house design, then you should also consider heat pumps to complete the ‘trifecta’.

It make little sense to install solar panels to feed into the grid at low price, but it makes a lot of sense to use this power for heating, cooling and hot water which together consume most of your household energy.

Solar panels make power from the light whereas heat pumps magnify this power by around 3 times or more from the heat in the air. ‘Heat’ to a heat pump, is anything above minus 5 deg C, so at 7 deg C, the air temperature to a heat pump feels hot. This is also the temperature above which a heat pump will not have to defrost itself, and so will run more efficiently. In fact, every 10 degree rise in the air temperature will enable the heat pump to run about 25% more efficiently.

So for hot water, we recommend running the heat pump in the afternoon using the well-insulated storage tank like a battery for use at night and the following morning. Your storage tank will only lose about 2 deg C in a 24 hour period depending on ambient air temperature.

For heating and cooling, we have a range of heat pumps specifically designed for your home, location and method of delivering the heating/cooling optimally.

A Siddons heat pump coupled up with the Phono Solar Panels is the best option when you are upgrading your heating, cooling and hot water system to solar. Heat pumps work in all climatic conditions, in the rain and at night, and is an ideal appliance to use with your low cost Photo Voltaic electricity.

When installing a Siddons heat pump water heater, expect to save around $600 per year on hot water alone depending on your location, heat pump model and hot water use. You can expect to save even more with heat pump heating and cooling or completely eliminate your energy bills if you also use new battery technology.

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