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Sep 7 2018

SP Marketplace – Digital Workplace Solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint

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SP Intranet
The center of your Digital Workplace where everyone in the company can see and interact with the latest organization news, events, and information with Active Content, while achieving new levels of communication and collaboration

SP Employee Self-Service Portal
A central operational portal within the Digital Workplace that is designed especially for employees to access documents, processes, an employee directory, and a central service request system to submit, manage, and track important requests

SP Department Portals Generic portal template to create an operational portal in the Digital Workplace for any functional department. Includes staff facing portal, employee service portal, and built-in help desk. Customize to support any functional area

SP HR Portal
An operational portal in the Digital Workplace to track employee information, documents, certifications, policies, benefits, and service requests. SP HR Portal comes with MyHR employee service portal

SP IT Portal
An operational portal in the Digital Workplace that includes an IT help desk, asset tracking, and change management. Includes a MyIT employee service portal

SP Facilities Portal
An operational portal in the Digital Workplace that includes a work order application, facilities and asset tracking, and a preventative maintenance option. Includes a MyFM employee service portal

SP Marketing Portal
Create, track, and mange marketing campaigns, events, media, and projects with this operational portal. Includes MyMarketing employee portal

SP Project Tracker Portal
Easy to use project management operational portal. Track and mange tasks, documents, issues, while collaborating with your team better than ever before

SP Sales Portal
Integrated CRM and sales operational portal. Track and mange leads, opportunities, and accounts. SP Sales Portal includes related contacts, documents, appointments, and communications

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