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Jul 31 2017

The Department of Correctional Services, South Australian Government, Adelaide, South Australia – Rehabilitation Programs #alcohol #rehabilitation #programs


Rehabilitation Programs

The Department for Correctional Services strives to deliver an integrated and seamless approach in the delivery of programs and services for sentenced prisoners and offenders, from initial to final contact with the department. This approach, called Integrated Offender Management, provides for the dynamic and culturally appropriate management and rehabilitation of prisoners and offenders.

It is underpinned by a specialised risk/needs assessment process, which is used to target the case management and interventions required for certain categories of prisoners and offenders.

A considerable body of research has shown that the provision of appropriate and targeted programs that focus on effective methods of bringing about changes in an offender s functioning may have a significant impact in reducing crime. Offence specific programs, provided by the Department, in conjunction with interventions such as employment, vocational education and training, health and nutrition education and life and social skills, contribute to rehabilitation and a reduction in re-offending behaviour. These programs include the Violence Prevention Program, the Sexual Behaviours Clinic, Making Changes Program, Domestic Violence and Literacy and Numeracy Programs that are delivered across a range of locations, both in prisons and Community Corrections.

Culturally sensitive rehabilitation programs have been developed to address the needs of Aboriginal prisoners and offenders in the South Australian correctional system. The Aboriginal Services Unit and the Aboriginal Liaison Officers also play a valuable role in ensuring that prisoners and offenders remain connected with their community whilst in custody and/or if they are on a community based order.

It has also been recognised that, in line with best practice, rehabilitation programs should be well integrated with other services including case management both in the custodial and community settings, and education and vocational training so that a cohesive service is provided. In addition to increasing the offender s opportunity to obtain employment, there is a clear expectation from Government and the community that the Department provide a means for offenders to contribute to the community, to acknowledge the impact of their crime on victims and to provide their victims with the opportunity to be involved in the sentencing and correctional process.

The Department remains committed to working in partnership with Justice Portfolio agencies and community groups, to ensure a safe and secure correctional system and that prisoner and offender programs reflect the principles of community safety and rehabilitation.

Offender Development Programs
Offence focused programs based on the What Works literature, have been proven to be effective in reducing rates of re-offending. Research and ongoing evaluation also leads to program modification and possible replacement with best practice interventions. The Department for Correctional Services currently delivers the following programs across prisons and community correctional centres:

Making Changes program
Violence Prevention program (VPP)
Sexual Behaviour Clinic (SBC)
Sexual Behaviour Clinic-me (SBC-me)
Domestic and Family Violence Intervention Program (DFVIP)
Numeracy and Literacy

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