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Jan 31 2018

Viking Appliance Repair in Virginia and Maryland

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Viking Appliance Repair in Virginia and Maryland

How to Perform Simple Oven, Range and Cooktop Repair by Yourself

The oven, gas and electric range, and cooktop are being designed these days in such a way that it allows for fast disassembly of components and you can easily repair some basic glitches. One of the most common problems that people face with gas range cookers relate to ignition and delivery of gas in the burners. Whereas, most common malfunction with the electric cookers is caused by defective heating elements. Performing component servicing on regular basis can save considerable amount of money otherwise spent on costly oven, range and cooktop repair.

Oven And Range Troubleshooting

If you want to avoid any serious problems with your Viking appliance. you should do a troubleshooting as soon as you notice some problem with your appliance, whether oven or range. Before you embark on your servicing, make sure that you disconnect all the power sources. With gas ranges, turn off the gas supply valve as well in addition to unplugging the electric power.

It is quite easy to disassemble a gas range cooker, first unscrew the panels to detach them followed by removing the control knobs. A common problem with ovens and cooktops is the clogging of burners which usually results from food spilled on them which subsequently results in the capping of the gas ports thereby obstructing ignition.

In order to gain access to the range burners, you have to remove their grates after you have removed the cooker’s top. Next, you should soak the soiled burners in a mild solution of detergent and water and then clean them using a soft cloth; afterwards, rinse and leave to dry. Next, clear the gas ports of the cooker with a needle or a pin; avoid using matchsticks or toothpicks as their tips can get stuck into the ports and aggravate the problem resulting in expensive oven repair. range and cooktop repair.

Another common problem with ranges and ovens is that the cooker’s oven does not heat up to the required temperature. In a majority of cases, the problem is caused by a malfunctioning door gasket. You should start the troubleshooting by unscrewing the gasket from its channel and then cleaning the channel and the door frame with a mild household detergent solution. Next step is to install a new gasket; start from the top of the frame, going down to the sides and to the bottom after which you should firmly grip the gasket’s ends together.

These are some of the common oven, range and Viking appliance repair methods. For any advanced troubleshooting, please consult a specialist appliance repair company.

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